Download ShowBox for Kindle Fire

ShowBox HD is an video downloading application that enables you to download unlimited videos and movies for free. It is one of the best app as compared to its competitors in the digital world. Though, there are many apps available for downloading movies for free, ShowBox HD has its own features to look up to. They mesmerize you to download the app showbox

You should know :-

Few movie downloading applications are not available on the Google play store. For instance, MegaBox HD, PlayView HD, CinemaBox HD, SnapTube, TubeMate, Videoder and VidMate are few apps that you will not find on any of the app store. ShowBox HD is one of them. Therefore, you can download showbox and other apps from their official websites.

There are a few websites who provide you with apk links of these applications like – uptodown, apkmirror, 9apps, Mobango and many more. It is quite safe to download apps from these sites.


ShowBox HD as I told you above has some amazing and attractive features to look up to. So let’s put them down for your convenience :-

  • Share your favorite videos and movie links with your friends over all the possible social networking websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Download movies for free and watch them offline on all your Android devices.
  • Choose different resolutions of movies to download. It works according to your phone or device compatibility as well as its memory.
  • Kids lock allow parents to decide what their child’s can see on that application
  • Mark watched and unwatched videos for your convenience.
  • Choose the option where you can decide where to save new movies and video you download.
  • CoNvert video to Audio files with just one click.
  • Connect to Chromecast and watch the videos on your television big screen.
  • Very easy and simple user interface to work with.

ShowBox HD for Kindle fire

ShowBox is an Android based free movie downloader. Since the time Kindle has gone Android, it is very easy for users to download ShowBox HD on their Kindle. Let’s see the procedure.

Step 1 – For Kindle 1st generation

Go to Settings > Devices > Turn on “ Allow Installation of Application”

For 2nd generation

Go to settings > devices > “Apps from Unknown sources”

Step 2 – Tap on Silk browser and download ShowBox HD app

Step 3 – Now install the application and what for few seconds.

Step 4  – And you are done with the downloading process. Enjoy movie streaming application on your Kindle fire for free.


ShowBox HD is an Android based application, working very well on all devices. It streaming high quality videos and movies in seconds, download movies and videos with perfect speed. To know more about this app, you should experience it by yourself. Its an amazing experience.

Download Snaptube App On Android : APK File Provided

Take all the YouTube videos offline just with one tap using any android device, just install Snaptube app and you can download unlimited YouTube videos on your device.

Snaptube is an app originally developed for android devices that helps you download YouTube videos and videos from other websites without any hustle. You can take offline YouTube videos in your desired quality using the Snaptube on your android device.


Image CreditDownload SnapTube App

YouTube launched the download button in their official YouTube app some months ago with which you can take videos offline on your smart phone or tablet but there are many drawbacks of the YouTube download button. The first is you can not download most of the YouTube videos using the YouTube app, only certain videos can be downloaded using the app and you can not transfer the downloaded videos from one device to other, the downloaded videos can be watched on one device only.

The drawbacks of the YouTube app make it a less favorite and less appreciated choice and that is why you need a better option and we recommend the Snaptube app. If you want to see how to download YouTube videos with ease, give Snaptube app a try.

How to Download Snaptube App on Android

Download the Snaptube app for your android device and take offline unlimited YouTube videos in your desired resolution anytime without limit. The process of downloading and installing the Snaptube app on your android is briefly described below, take a good look.

  • First of all download the apk file of Snaptube app on your android device using our provided active download link. Chose the version of the apk file depending on the version of android operating system your device has.
  • Locate the downloaded apk file on your android device after the successful completion of the download using the file manager.
  • Now install the Snaptube app on your android device using the downloaded apk file.
  • Open the Snaptube app in android menu, after the usual sign up process you are ready to download YouTube videos on your device at high speed.

Most of the android devices and smart phones are compatible with the Snaptube app, you can also download Snaptube for PC if you want to download YouTube videos on your PC.

Thank you for reading and please leave your views about the Snaptube app using the comment section below, we will be happy to hear from you.

How to Prevent People from Knowing You’ve Read Their iMessage

iMessage on PC has recently been in the news because Apple announced it’ll be powering it’s datacenters with Renewable energy. And at this age when the humans have finally come to their senses, something like that was definitely going to make it to the headlines, right? So considering it’s “hot-market” right now, I decided it’s the right time to let you know How to Prevent People from Knowing You’ve Read Their iMessage.

How to Prevent People from Knowing You’ve Read Their iMessage

I mean if everyone’s going crazy about iMessage, why should I miss this chance, right? And rightly so, because it’s kind of frustrating when you just don’t want the other guy to know, but damn there’s that “seen” or “Read” thing on their screens telling them about it.

It’s not always convenient for you t let the other guy know that you’ve read their messages, huh? I mean there might be certain reasons when you don’t want them to know about it, right?

And that’s what makes iMesseges different, and better than normal SMS’s. Ofcourse no doubt it’s so viral across the globe. This is just one of the features that has taken iMessages where it is. Just like on Social media, like Facebook you can mark messages “unread” similarly on iMessages you can prevent the sender from knowing that you’ve read the messages.

How and Why to Prevent People from Knowing You’ve Read Their Messages on iMessage:-

I personally believe if I’m writing “how to” on something, it’s incomplete without the “why to”. So yeah first let’s look at the things of “why” you should prevent people from knowing you’ve read their messages on iMessage:-

  • You know they are annoying.
  • They might be asking for something you don’t have, and you can’t say no.
  • You are just ignoring them, plain and simple.

So yeah, see? Enough reasons said. Now let’s get it to work.

So here’s how to Disable read scripts on iMessages.

  • Go to your Settings.
  • Click on Messages.
  • Now slide the “send read scripts” option to off.

What this will do is, it will still let your senders know that their messages have been delivered, but if you’ve read it or not will be a total mystery to them.

So yeah that was about it folks, if you’ve ever wondered How to Prevent People from Knowing You’ve Read Their iMessage, this should be your solution. Once you disable the read scripts, your senders won’t know about your “seen” status as long as you don’t turn it back on, pretty neat huh?

Line SnapMovie – Edit videos as you want

Imagine you are traveling to a beautiful hill station  by road, with your family and friends. Enjoying the trip, capturing every glimpse of your loved ones. Keeping that precious moment with you for posterity. Doesn’t this sounds like a dream !

What if you could enhance those videos and embellish them for social media sites and get outstanding comments. Well you don’t need to worry, I have an amazing option for you all – Line SnapMovie.


Line SnapMovies is created by Line corporation. It allows you to record upto 30 seconds of footage and then edit and modify your video according to your choice.

This application is really easy to use unlike others. Users can use it in one go, without applying extra brains to it. SnapMovie provides user with beautiful user interface. It allows you to mute videos internal sound and apply a background music for every situation. You can add different text, sounds, titles, filters and stickers to it. Doesn’t this sound exciting.. sorry may be I am extra excited !

Moving on, there are some more features that you would love to read, like –

  • Chic and natural filters
  • Motion titles
  • Background music for any situation
  • Add content
  • Capturing videos is totally easy
  • Saving and uploading on social media sites directly.

This is a very simple and elegant app. Gives you the freedom to create your own background music that to according to the situation, you can add a whole lot of text with different font size, and the filter choice is extremely vast.

I am able to explain this app to you all, as I have experienced it by myself. I am using it currently. It works soothingly well in my phone. There are no hang ups, no restrictions. It leaves me with a mesmerized smile. Well I can’t show you !

I have shared all the possible point s with you all. I hope you all will like this application. Please do share your experience with me by writing your comments below. I would love to read them. Thank you !


Telegram over WhatsApp: The former or latter?

Telegram over WhatsApp: The former or latter?

Well, the very title of the article might seem to be quite an interesting one, isn’t it? We all know that at the end of the day there is very slight difference between WhatsApp and Telegram and that they are though very closely linked, they are at the same time far apart in terms of features and uses. Here is an article which will distinguish between various features of both the applications and at the end allow you to choose for yourself that which application is the better one.

Telegram over WhatsApp: The former or latter?

PRICE: How long at what cost!

WhatsApp started off with a free application and it is hence a prime reason behind its growing popularity. After 2013, a couple of years after its release, it started to charge around $1 for all platforms except for the $1.2 cents for iPhones annually!

Telegram on the other hand is completely free while it has equally similar kind of services as that of WhatsApp!

PRIVACY: Level of personal security!

Telegram makes use of end to end encryption where all the data is kept a safe and is secure enough, especially from those hackers who are always looking out for victims. The technology keeps conversations saved directly onto the phone and do not update it on any kind of servers hence providing a secure data. Also, with a timer, you can preset the specific time after which messages are automatically erased.

WhatsApp on the other hand does not have such a data encryption method and hence all data is kept on the server. Somehow, WhatsApp users are highly vulnerable to the hackers watching out for instances to attack!

SENDING FILES: Sharing is caring: Makes sense?

Here, there are quite a number of differences between the two. Telegram allows sending files which are as large as 1.5GB while WhatsApp is limited to a mere 160MB. Such a ratio is nearly one is to ten and hence clearly, we do know how sharing has been made easy on Telegram. WhatsApp does not allow all the kinds of files to be shared, while Telegram does!

COMPATIBILITY: How many can work it up!

When compatibility is considered, we again need to give our point to Telegram as it is available on both MAC and PC along with phones and tablets. With several limitations, WhatsApp can be used on the PC’s too, but the original essence isn’t retained. For WhatsApp to be used on tablets, you need a working SIM card in order to be able to activate the same!

POPULARITY: Masses and more!

Well, here comes the twist. Without doubt, WhatsApp has a highly settles mass of users despite Telegram having better features. Telegram needs to receive a little bit of importance, however; nothing can be told as WhatsApp manages to take the show away with its one advantage that it was one of its kinds when it first came up!

Though WhatsApp is at par as far as the popularity is concerned, Telegram does need to be given a shot as it without doubt has surpassed WhatsApp in all means!


Why Shareit is so popular?

If you are one of them, who hates slow speed file transfer. The trust me, you have landed on the right page. First tell me, what common media you frequently use for file transfer or data transfer. I am sure, data cable or Bluetooth is what you use. I understand how much it gets annoying when you have to send large files using Bluetooth or cable. The data transfer rate of both media is so low.


So the question is, do we have any alternative which is faster and better? Luckily, we have. Do you think in a world where we got an app for every single problem! And we don’t have the file transfer app! This would be a nightmare. But fortunately, there are many apps in the market which are the best sources for file transfer. For example, Xender, shareit for PC and Zapya.


This article is dedicated to Shareit app. Personally, I am in love with this app. It has reason to be adored and chosen as the best file app.

Here is the reason for its popularity.

Fastest Speed:

Right in the market, it is the fastest file transfer app. Much much faster than Bluetooth and data cable! Precisely, its speed of data transfer is 200 faster than Bluetooth. That is a huge number. It means sending an HD movie to another device is a matter of few minutes.

Wi-fi Technology:

You mus thinking, why this app is so fast! The answer is Wi-Fi technology. Yes, it uses the Wi-Fi technology of the device for sending the data. But always remember, it uses only technology not data traffic. By using Shareit app, you are not gonna cost any data traffic cost. Because of Wi-Fi technology, the data transfer rate of Shareit is exceptional.

Supported By Multiple Devices:

Unlike, a data cable and Bluetooth, it is supported by all devices. It means whether you are using smart phone or tablet or laptop or even a PC, Shareit is gonna helpful for data transfer.

Cross Platform Functionality:

Did I mention above it is a cross platform application? What does that mean? It means you can send files between an Android device and iOS device. Trust me, before Shareit, I never thought there would be a way to transfer files between different operating systems.

From  Trusted Brand:

Unlike most of the apps in the market, it is from renowned Lenovo. Before its launch, it was popular in the public. Because being an app from trusted brand created its credibility before the launch.


Introduction to Playbox app and download procedure!!

Entertainment is the essential part of anyone’s life. Everyone wants to get rid of the busy routine through the escape of entertainment. What can be better than watching movies or your favorite TV shows! Again, there is another option. Sometimes it is not possible to watch movies or TV shows in front of the big screen.


We are living in world, where everything has related App. The App is the new tech dimension of the present world. Luckily, we have hundreds of entertainment app which is our escape from our daily routines.

PlayBox HD is one of the top most online streaming apps. You can easily enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your smart app for free of cost. Whether it is the latest movie or old one, Playbox library has access to each and every movie ever released.

PlayBox HD is the perfect solution for all of your personal entertainment problems. Once you have downloaded this app, your life will be full of colors. PlayBox HD brings best streaming experience for users. Users can enjoy their favorite movies and shows from every frame and high quality.

Features Of PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD has tons of features that make it a best streaming app in the market. First of all, it has a diverse range of movies and TV shows from different genres. It has the unique and simple interface, so users can use this app easily. Not only streaming, you can download movies using PlayBox HD. It is supported by different platforms and devices. For example, you can have it on smart phone, tablet, laptop and PC. Secondly, it can be installed on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS platforms.

Check here its main features:

  • Free online streaming app for movies
  • Diverse library of movies from every category
  • You can download the movies using PlayBox HD
  • Simple and unique interface
  • Supported by smartphones, tablet, PC and laptop
  • Can be installed on multiple operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows etc


Download PlayBox HD App:

In this article, we are gonna discuss how to download PalyBox HD on an Android smart phones.

The installation and download procedure is so simple, just follow the steps and you are done.

  • PlayBox HD is not available on PlayStore. So we need to download PlayBox HD APK.
  • First of all download the PlayBox HD APK from any trusted source.
  • Now click on the APK file after complete download.
  • Your smart device will ask permission to install the app. Just click on yes and you are done!

What is Cartoon HD App – Features And Installation Guide

No matter what is your age group. You are still in love with cartoons! I am pretty confident to admit that I still love watching cartoons. What an amazing creation is cartoons? For kids, this is the best entertainment they can get! Because for kids, Cartoons are absolutely showing what a kid can imagine!


If you think TV is the only source to watch cartoons. Then you need to change this notion. There are hundred of ways to watch them. For example, online streaming. Yes, luckily we have various apps in the market who are offering online streaming of cartoons. With these apps, anyone can watch their favorite childhood cartoon series for free on cost any time.

Cartoon HD app is the most popular cartoon streaming app right now. In this post, I am gonna discuss in detail about its features and download procedure.

Cartoon HD Features:


First, let’s talk more about Cartoon HD app. As I mentioned earlier, it is the topmost application known for free online streaming of cartoons. It has a diverse library of cartoon series from every category. You will find both latest and old cartoon series on this amazing app. It can be installed on different devices like smart phone, tablet, laptop or even PC. Isn’t amazing!

Not only device, it is supported by multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS etc. Just devices should be running on the latest operating system for proper functioning.

You can even set the video quality while online streaming. Whether you want low, medium or high quality streaming, it’s up to you.

Download Cartoon HD App:

Enough with the features, now it’s the time to talk about its download procedure. The procedure is a little unusual because it is not available on the Play Store.

Before the installation of Cartoon HD app, there are some requirements. For example, internet connection obviously is must for the downloading procedure. Secondly, go the settings of your Android phone. Scroll down to the security, there check the option of “enable unknown source”. This way, you will be able to install Cartoon HD APK file on your smart phone.

After doing this, follow these steps.

  • To avoid any difficulty, here is the link for Cartoon HD APK.
  • Download the app from above link.
  • After the APK file has been downloaded.
  • Open up the APK file,
  • Your smart phone will ask for the permission to install the app
  • Simply click on the yes and you are done!


Choosing between apps, the expert way!

The problem I see with so many apps available online is that it becomes incredibly difficult to judge for yourself which app deserves to be kept in your phone and which needs to be booted out. With so many apps, another problem is also that you cannot be sure about which apps are gaining popularity and which are floundering. Worry not! This is where we introduce an expert opinion, like that provided in the video given below. The apps are curated by experts, reviewed by them and now presented to you by them. Have a look and choose for yourselves. Happy Geeking!